ZippyU is focused on “by-the-box” summer storage for students and faculty of participating schools. Zippy Shell operates ZippyU to support students and professors, and provide a superior solution for storing and moving your items!

The ZippyU website allows you to place your order online by selecting a storage box package and any stand alone items by size that require storage. Specific dates and times for box drop-off and move-out pickup are listed on the website, under each participating school, or call us!

Efficiency, affordability, convenience and security are the hallmarks of our service!
We then transport your items to our clean, secure, climate-controlled facility. In the autumn, we return your items to school designated locations on campus before classes commence.

If you have a large volume of storage items, i.e. an entire apartment of stuff, use Zippy Shell! Click here for more information about Zippy Shell Storage and Moving Services.

Move Out and Move In

What's the difference between On and Off Campus?

Residence halls identified in the OSU map legend are classified as On campus. Apartments/houses, sorority and fraternity houses are classified as Off campus. ZippyU storage and convenience is offered to both On and Off campus locations, although move out and move in schedules differ, as Off campus support is personalized.

When will I be able to select a move out and move in time?

All on campus move out and move in schedule times and locations are listed on the website under each participating school. If none are displayed, we will provide these locations to you via email, as soon as OSU provides them to us. OSU hopes to streamline traffic and make this easy for you.

Can I select a specific date and time for my move out and move in off campus?

We can arrange a special move out or drop off date and time for off campus locations, but an additional $99 special delivery/handling fee will apply for each personalized ZippyU solution. Please select your college or university and call your local provider to make special arrangements. If you need to change your move in date or location, please call us at the number listed for your college or university.

What do I do if I miss my move out or move in scheduled time slot?

If you missed your move out or move in schedule you can pick any future timeslot or location per the published schedule. Alternatively, call our contact number below, to arrange for a personalized solution.

Are Sororities and Fraternities considered on campus?

No, sororities and fraternities are considered Off Campus.

Boxes And Supplies

Do you provide packing supplies?

The cost of boxes, packing tape and a marker is included with your storage fee. Boxes are 18x18x24" (W x D x H). Boxes are NOT supplied for storage of ala carte/non-boxable items. Ensure you have a unique packing slip for each item being stored, creating another order if you need additional labels.

Can I use my own boxes?

Yes! The box may not be larger than 24X24x18" (6.0 cu.ft). Items like standing fans, chairs, plastic tubs and mirrors don't need to be in boxes, but wrap them appropriately, and affix the packing label so that it will not come off.

What if I need extra boxes?

We are unable to deliver additional supplies, however, if you place an additional order for ZippyU boxes at least 2 days prior to move-out, we generally have extra boxes on the collection vehicles, so print order and bring to the ZippyU team to collect ordered boxes. Alternatively, we are able to store your own supplied boxes. Boxes may not be larger than 24x24x18 (6.0 cu.ft). Purchase appropriate size category, based on your box size.

Where do I find the prepacking label?

Log into your ZippyU account, and print off your labels before packing your printer.

How do I best prepare for move out?

Affix your preformatted packing label to SIDE of each box/item, appropriately completing the "___ of ___" item count section on the label. Eg. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3 for each label. Each box/item needs to have its own unique packing label, with total item count for move out, not exceeding purchased box and ala carte item count. Validate within your ZippyU account that your move out date and location are correct. Arrange sufficient OSU carts/bins to load all your boxes/items at the same time, securing help to push the carts/bins to your designated move out location. Arrive at your designated move out location BEFORE the start time indicated on the schedule, as these locations will be busy, and move out vehicles will leave on time in order to ensure no schedule move out delays.

What Can I Store?

Can I store my electronics?

Yes! You may want to consider purchasing additional content protection that provides breakage and handling protection for high value items.

Does everything need to be packed in a box?

No! Items like plastic tubs and drawers do not need to be placed in a box, but should be taped closed. Non-boxable items (eg. Fans, Mirrors, TV's and Bicycles) should be appropriately wrapped for protection, with packing label securely taped to the protective wrap.

Can I store my furniture?


Can I store other items not listed here?


Do you have restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?

Liquids, hazardous or illegal materials are not permitted.

How do I calculate the cubic feet of an item?

Measure dimensions of item (or box) in inches - Width, Depth and Height - multiplying each together (W x D x H). Then divide the resultant number by 1728, which produces the cu/ft volume.
Example: "Zippy-Box"
18 x 18 x 24 = 7776
7776 / 1728 = 4.5 cu/ft

When will I get my boxes?

Boxes will be available for move out on campus 1-2 weeks before move out. See box delivery schedule for times and collection locations.

Storage Facility

Can I access or move out my belongings while in storage?

Yes! Please call in advance to make arrangements – locating your items could require up to 2 hours of labor, so a nominal access / sorting fee may apply.

What if I don't know my return address during collection?

No problem – once you know your new location or move in address, log into your ZippyU account to capture and update the move in address.

What if I need a different move out/delivery date than what is listed on the website?

We will work with you to make move out and drop-off as convenient as possible! Move out date changes can be applied online, by logging into your ZippyU account to capture the change. All On Campus redeliveries will occur BEFORE students arrive back in the Fall, and secured directly in their rooms, so don't worry about move in date changes. Call or email your local provider to inquire about a special delivery or move in. Additional fees will apply.

Content Protection

Are my storage items protected against loss or damage?

Content protection includes protection of your items against fire, smoke damage, lightning, explosion, earthquake, windstorm, hurricane, tornado, water damage (excluding flood), hail, theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry or exit, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, vandalism, subsidence, building collapse, sinkhole collapse, falling objects, weight of snow, ice or sleet, impact by vehicles or aircraft. Moth, insect, rodent or vermin damage. The Owner will not pay for loss of or damage to goods that are in transit, in the open and not in a locked fully enclosed storage space; accounts, bills, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, securities, money, or notes; any goods you are not permitted to store under the terms of the Rental Agreement; jewelry, watches, precious or semi-precious stones and stamps (exceeding $500 combined total); furs, antiques, works of art, mobile phones, perfumery, wines, cigars.

    Losses Not Covered Under Content Protection:
  • Loss or damage to Tenant's stored goods caused by flood,; surface water, underground water, storm, surge, waves, tidal water or overflow from any body of water, water that backs up through or overflows from a sewer drain or sump; mold, mildew, or wet or dry rot.
  • Terrorist attack, war or military action.
  • Loss or damage resulting from unknown or mysterious causes.
  • Consequential loss of any kind or description.
  • Nuclear reaction, radiation or radioactive, biological or chemical contamination.
  • Moths, insects, rodents or vermin damage (covered up to $500).
  • Loss of data records other than the cost of blank data carrying materials.

Can I purchase additional content protection?

Additional Content Protection which DOES cover damage due to handling is available for purchase via your ZippyU online account portal. The cost of the Handling/Breakage Coverage is $15 per $100 of declared value, with a 20% deductible. Deductible applies to each covered claim.

Pricing And Payment

Use the website to select which storage package you want, select any special storage items and get a price in your checkout cart. If you have any questions about pricing, please contact your local provider.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payment.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No. Storage packages are a one-time fee.

Additional Fees

Missed Move Out/Delivery Window

Due to an extremely tight schedule, if you are not ready or miss your move out window for some reason, your order will be subject to a $99 special delivery charge. We will set aside your boxes and contact you to schedule a new drop off date, time and location.

You Need a Longer Storage Period

Not a problem! Contact your local provider to learn about extending your stay. Additional monthly fees will apply.

What is the Special Delivery Fee?

If custom times and dates are required or the move out or move in location is off campus a special delivery fee of $99 is applied.

Extra Boxes And Packing Materials

What is Provided?

We are able to provide extra boxes during one of our regularly scheduled box move out rotations (see move out schedule), however you need to create another ala carte order for required extra ZippyU boxes. Bubble wrap is not provided for ala carte/non-boxable stand alone items. Box delivery schedule and locations can be found on the ZippyU web site for your college, or click here. If you need additional boxes we are able to store them for an additional fee, however you need to purchase additional packing label for each box/item via your ZippyU order portal. Your own provided boxes may not be larger than 24x24x18 (6.0 cu.ft).