Move out/Move in schedules

Check out the ZippyU Box Supply Kit delivery schedule below to ensure you don’t miss collecting your supply kit!


Students are strongly encouraged to collect their Box Kits at any of the designated locations and times in the table immediately below, as the next availability to collect box kits will be after move-out commences, at one of the designated locations and times listed in the Move-Out Pickup Schedule. Refer to the campus map link below to locate the most convenient box kit collection location, based on supported locations listed. 

LOCATION 14-Apr 16-Apr
U1 10:00am-2:00pm
N3 10:00am-12:00pm
N5 12:00pm-2:00pm
S1 10:00am-11:30am
S3 11:30am-1:00pm
S5 1:00pm-2:00pm
W1 8:30am-10:00am

Note: Students may elect to collect their ordered Box Kits at ANY location, if their nearest location time is not suitable. Alternatively, students may request a Special Box Kit Delivery for an additional fee.



Please refer to this schedule BEFORE making placing your storage order and any travel plans, and PRIOR to move-out day, as it may change slightly due to move-out demand and other local events planned during this period.

Before printing your packing labels, verify that your move-out pickup date is correct in your ZippyU account, and that you have ordered sufficient storage, such that each box/item has its own unique label (e.g “1 of 6”, “2 of 6” etc). We are NOT permitting plastic drawers to be consolidated (taped together), as they separate and become unmanageable. We ARE permitting single plastic drawers to have items stored in them, saving you from ordering as many boxes, but drawers must be securely taped closed in order to be accepted on move-out day.

Print 2 copies of your packing labels, placing a copy inside each box/item, while taping the other copy to the SIDE of your box/item. Arrange to use OSU’s large scarlet move-in/out bins to get items for storage, to your preferred Pickup location on your selected Move-out date. Reviewing the OSU campus map to determine your designated Pickup location and the table below, locate your designated Pickup time for your Move-out date, arriving early to avoid missing your scheduled box/item collection. We will be using large “Zippy Shell” box trucks or Zippy Shell Containers, clearly identifiable with a ZippyU banner. If we have not listed a pickup time for your move-out date and location, or the schedule reflects “S/D” (Special Delivery), you may select a “Special Delivery Request” for an additional fee, capturing an available date and time range. Partnering with OSU Student Life, pickup locations are clearly indicated with tags on the campus map. Separate designators are provided for North, South and West campus locations.

26/27-Apr S/D S/D S/D S/D
28-Apr 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
29-Apr 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
30-Apr 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
1-May 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
2-May 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
3-May 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm 5pm-6:00pm
4-May S/D S/D S/D S/D
26/27-Apr S/D S/D S/D S/D  S/D
28-Apr 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
29-Apr 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
30-Apr 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
1-May 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
2-May 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm  5pm-6:00pm
3-May 9am-10:45am 11am-12:45pm 1pm-2:45pm 3pm-4:45pm 5pm-6:00pm
4-May S/D S/D S/D S/D S/D
26/27-Apr S/D
28-Apr 9am-10:45am
29-Apr 9am-10:45am
30-Apr 9am-10:45am
1-May 9am-10:45am
2-May 9am-10:45am
3-May 9am-10:45am
4-May S/D

Note: S/D = Special Delivery pickup available on 26-Apr, 27-Apr and 4-May. Due to fewer expected move-outs for these dates, we are offering a flexible schedule based on demand. Please call/email with your location and desired date and time. We will do our absolute best to accommodate all requests. If a Special Pickup is required outside of published dates, please contact our office for options and instructions.

Note: Students may elect to drop their storage items at ANY location on move-out day, if their assigned location time is not suitable. Alternatively, students may request a “Special Delivery” pickup for an additional fee.


Stay tuned….. this section will be updated once dates are finalized.  Please check back after 15-Jun.


All items will be delivered directly to Residence Hall rooms on 8 & 9-Aug. ie. PRIOR to students arrival back on campus. Simply select “On-Campus” when capturing redelivery Residence Hall info in your ZippyU account, which will default to “Free In-Room Delivery” in the Redelivery Date field, and we will take care of the rest. Be sure to capture your Dorm Name and Room Number. You don’t need to be present to receive your items, as they will be securely locked in your new room.


Option 1 – Select “Off-Campus” when capturing redelivery address information, and then select “Special Redelivery Request” in the Redelivery Date field. Next, choose from an available date in the Special Redelivery Date field, and capture a desired time range in the Redelivery Time field, which will be confirmed 2 days prior to redelivery date when all requests have been received. Ensure your travel plans accommodate flexibility of at least 3 hours before or after requested time. Special Delivery Fee will apply.

Option 2 – Select “Off-Campus” when capturing redelivery address information, and then select “19-Aug Free Delivery to U1 location” in the Redelivery Date field. This option requires you to collect your items on 19-Aug between 10am-12:00pm at the “U1” location (see OSU map). In the event of potential rain, you will be allotted a designated time to collect items the night before, so please watch for emails from us. Since rain could result in damage, we reserve the right to remove this option, however we continue to work with OSU to find a suitable covered area that will protect items in the event of rain. Update: This service may be removed as an offering this year due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, or could change location, so please look for updates on this page, or via email.

Note: Students planning to live On-Campus, will have all their items redelivered directly to their new Residence Hall room – please capture redelivery Residence Hall and room details as soon as OSU provides these details over the Summer. Students planning to live Off-Campus may elect to receive a free redelivery at time of capturing their redelivery instructions, by electing option 2 above. IMPORTANT: Redelivery info MUST be captured PRIOR to 4-Aug to avoid Special Handling charges, as all items for redelivery are physically sorted on 6-Aug. IMPORTANT: Any changes made after 3-Aug will incur a Special Handling charge ($99), and will also require Special Redelivery service ($99) due to extra labor and handling.

No Special Redelivery is supported prior to Residence Hall redelivery, as unloading of storage containers and mass sorting only occurs 4-6 Aug, in preparation for 8 & 9-Aug redelivery to Residence Halls.  *** No pickups from our facility are supported. ***

If you need redelivery services outside of the times listed or the locations indicated on the redelivery map, a Special Redelivery option is available to you for an additional fee. Just select the “Special Delivery Request” option in the Redelivery Date field, and capture all redelivery address specifics within your ZippyU account, together with an available requested date and time, and we’ll coordinate getting your items back to you. If a Special Redelivery is required outside of published dates, please contact our office for options and instructions.

Be sure to check your emails and this page regularly for any schedule updates, as we continue to receive ZippyU signups daily that may dictate slight schedule adjustments at some locations, to accommodate additional move out requests. Move outs will be on a very tight schedule, so we appreciate your promptness at move out locations.

Need some extra help? You can send us an email addressed to and someone from our team will be happy to help!