Customized Storage Order

Choose individual items that meet your needs.

Individual Items

Items below do not need to be in boxes. Individual boxes not required or supplied with the exception of the ZippyU-Box

ZippyU-Box (4.5 cu/ft)


Standard sized box & storage for four months

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Handling / Breakage Coverage


Protection of your goods from damage due to handling while in-transit or in storage. Max coverage $5,000. Price is per $100 of coverage.

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Storage Special Pickup


Pickup request outside of scheduled times, or off-campus pickups.

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Small Items (0.1-2.5 cu/ft)


Customer Supplied Small Box (<2.5 cu/ft)), Individual Small Plastic Bin, Desk Lamp/Fan, Poster Tube, Folding Chair, Stool, Small Ottoman, Twin Headboard, Wardrobe Mirror, Vacuum, Ironing Board, Trash Can, Laundry Basket, Shoe Rack, Whiteboard

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Medium Items (2.6-4.5 cu/ft)


Customer Supplied Medium Box (<4.5 cu/ft), Individual Plastic Drawers (full, taped closed, no multiple units), Mini fridge, Printer, Microwave, Small Rug, Roll-on Luggage, Standard Duffel, Nightstand, End Table, Small Rack, Standing Lamp/Fan, Standard Trunk, Laundry Basket, Trash Bag

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Large Items (4.6-5.5 cu/ft)


Customer Supplied Large Box (<5.5 cu/ft), 3-Draw Combo Plastic Drawers (single piece, not 3 drawers taped together), Small fridge, Large Luggage, Large Duffel, Twin Headboard, Twin Mattress Foam Topper, Desk Chair, Small Coffee Table, TV < 32”, Computer Monitor, Guitar, Music Keyboard, Golf Bag

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X-Large Items (5.6-6.5cu/ft)


Customer Supplied XL Box (<6.5 cu.ft), Bicycle, Arm Chair, Twin Mattress only, Twin Box Spring only, Futon Mattress only, Book Case, Cube Shelves, XL Luggage, XL Duffel, XL Trunk, TV Stand, TV > 32”, Executive Chair

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Huge Items


Your Own Wardrobe box, Wooden/Steel Futon, Couch, Loveseat, Recliner, Large Bean Bag, Dresser, Desk, Full/Queen Mattress only, Full/Queen Box Spring only.

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Concierge Service


Concierge Service, includes in-room pickup

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If you have an item for storage and don’t see it on our list, call us at 614-915-0915. We will do everything we can to accommodate your storage needs!